Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lattiss Calendar Export and Subscription (Your appointments in Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal)

Many of you have asked us to provide a way to see your appointments from other calendar applications.  We have adopted the iCalendar format, which is an industry standard for calendar events, to allow you to export your appointments to a file.  You can subscribe to your appointments from Google Calendar, Outlook (2007 or later), iCal (on Mac), or save the snapshot as a backup.  If you choose to subscribe to your appointments using an iCalendar compliant application (Google Calendar, Outlook 2007, iCal on Mac and many others), your export will be updated automatically every time a change occurs in your appointments (new, edits or cancellation/delete).

Subscribe to your Lattiss calendar from Google Calendar:

Subscribe to your Lattiss calendar from Outlook 2007 Calendar:

Subscribe to your Lattiss calendar from iCal on Mac:

To enable the calendar export functionality, go to Account & Settings -> Export or Share Calendars

To get more information and detailed instructions on adding calendar subscription, go to Getting Started -> Exporting or sharing calendars.

This feature is available with PREMIUM plan.