Millions of people are searching for services online.

How do you help them find YOU?

Get more business with online appointments.

Your services will be available for booking 24×7.

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How it works:
* Your own web-based, fully customizable, real time appointment calendar

Accessible 24 / 7

Your online calendar acts like your virtual receptionist who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always available to bring new business.

Real-time Availability

Our state-of-the-art scheduling system helps your customers match your availability to their schedule. Convenience for your customers means more business to you!

Mark your vacation and unavailable time

Update your availability in real-time.
* No software to install or update. Put your calendar anywhere.

Put Your Calendar Anywhere.

You can embed your calendar anywhere on the internet with a link. Put it on your existing website. Put it in your internet Ad. Put it in a directory listing. Put it in your newsletter. Put it anywhere you like.
* Help you find new customers

Help search engines like Yahoo and Google find you

Millions of people search for services on the internet using their computers and mobile devices. We make your webpage highly visible to search engines like Yahoo and Google. Making your business easy to find helps new customers find you.
* Get instant notifications by email or text message

Instant notification

Stay on top of your business. You can choose to be notified of new appointments or changes to existing appointments by email or text message.

Friendly reminders

To minimize no-shows, customers can automatically be reminded of upcoming appointments. You can choose reminder times from 5 minutes to one week before the appointment.
* Your free personalized web address & customizable web storefront

Personalized web address

Instead of getting assigned a profile number, your web storefront with Lattiss is simply called

Free web site

You get a free, business-ready, fully interactive web site.

Add descriptions, photos and services with just a few clicks

You can add description and photos about your business and services to your webpage, all with our simple-to-use user interface. Change anything and everything. You no longer need to pay big bucks to web consultants or web design companies to create or update your website. You can do everything yourself on Lattiss with just a few clicks.

* Support working solo or multiple staff

Multiple staff support

Not working alone? We have support for multiple staff. You can manage your staff’s services and calendars.

Customizable access rules

Access by staff is limited. They will be able to see their own schedule, but not other people’s schedules.

Customizable working schedules

Each staff member has his/her own appointment book.
* Shows you how your business is doing

Customer and Appointment Reports

Want to see all your customers and appointments in one place?

You will be able to get a complete list of your customers and their contact information anytime. You can use this information to send them promotion messages and specials.

You can see your business’ full appointment history anytime. Look up any past or future appointments.

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