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Business: Inner Energy Health & Wellness
538 Steenbuck Drive, Campbell River, BC V9W 8A2
Staff: Sara Barbot

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Deep Relaxation Oil MassageSooth away stiff and sore muscles, daily stress and emotional tension using classic oil massage techniques. This massage will carry you away into a deep sense of peace and tranquility as you experience a relaxing and deep bodywork treatment that benefits both body and mind. It can be enjoyed with or without Aromatherapy essential oils. This treatment includes a neck and shoulder release. (REG. PRICE: 1 session: $60; 4 sessions: $50 each; 8 sessions: $40 each) 60 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
AcupressureAcupressure is a powerful, yet gentle bodywork therapy that focuses on key points along the body used to re-balance the body-mind connection and revitalize our life energy force. It can be used to help with specific health conditions such as circulation problems, heart, liver, kidney or lung conditions, back problems, headaches, releasing addictions, or stress and emotional release to name just a few. Based on Jin Shin Do Acupressure, this ancient practice is similar to Acupuncture, but instead of needles it uses a much gentler form of finger pressure to activate deep healing. (1 session: $60 / 4 sessions: $50/ 8 sessions: $40) 60 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
Shiatsu MassageShiatsu is like a deep, slow massage, but with no oil and usually wearing comfortable clothing. It’s a rejuvenating oriental bodywork technique that stretches, relaxes and energizes your whole body. Using rhythmic, firm pressure along the meridian channels Shiatsu can help to improve energy flow and release muscle tension. Try this deeply relaxing therapy which encourages the body’s natural healing process. Shiatsu can be a treatment by itself, or combined with Acupressure and/or an Oil Massage, giving you the best of both worlds! (1 session: $60 / 4 sessions: $50 / 8 sessions: $40) 60 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
Back Massage with Neck and Shoulder ReleaseNeed work done but you’re on the go? Enjoy this quick massage which releases back pain and tension using oil massage and acupressure points in the back, neck and shoulders. 30 minutes $35.00+
Acupressure Spa FacialThis soothing facial treatment joins together the therapeutic anti-aging effects of Acupressure with a classic invigorating spa facial using natural organic products. It’s truly one of nature’s best tactics against the signs of aging while gently melting away muscle tension in the face and neck. A great way to feel renewed. Receive a hand and foot massage for $15 more. 45 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
Hot and Cold Stone FacialEnjoy hot and cold stone therapy combined with the classic spa facial including a 10 step rejuvenation system using natural organic products. This invigorating facial will make you feel like a new person. While waiting for the mask your hands and feet will be massaged. Add a neck and shoulder massage for $15 more. (1 session: $60 / 4 sessions: $50 / 8 sessions: $40) 60 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
Energy Medicine with Tuning ForksEnergy work, using colour and sound therapy, rebalances the body and helps restore emotional and physical harmony. Special Tuning Forks custom designed in Germany are used to resonate on a vibrational level with each of our cells, tissues and organ systems. Techniques are used to cleanse the Aura, balance the Chakras and help with physical ailments 60 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
Health and Nutrition ConsultionLook and feel your best! Preventative health is the best way to keep the doctor away. Working together, we will come up with a custom therapeutic health plan including nutrition, lifestyle changes and complimentary therapies for your specific health concerns. 30 minutes $30.00+
Bach Flower Remedies and Pacific EssencesStresses of life getting you down? Help combat anger, anxiety, insomnia, Monday morning blues, or any other personal issues you may be facing. Key questions will help determine your emotional balancing needs and a unique blend of up to seven of these essential essences will be created for your own "unique" formula. A three week supply is included in the price. 60 minutes $60.00+
Guided Meditation with CrystalsThis unique guided vision meditation with crystal layouts and singing bowls will take you on a relaxing journey to help meet your spirit guides, activate your chakras, dissolve negative belief patterns and trigger positive changes. Active meditation helps to stir up cellular memory, invigorating body, mind and spirit. 60 minutes $55.00+
AuriculotherapyThis therapy uses pressure points on the ears to reduce muscle and joint pain throughout the body. It helps improve functioning of internal organs, weight loss, smoking addictions, dental pain and so much more. Ideal to use at the beginning of a bodywork session to relax muscles or sooth the mind. 20 minutes $20.00+
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Chakra BalancingChakra balancing is a therapy used to open up and rebalance the energy centers of your body. Each person has 7 main chakras, each related to physcial, emotion and spiritual bodies of that person. I use a technique which includes testing and rebalancing using a pendulum, colour placement and crystals. Tuning forks can also be used with this treatment to enhance resonance of the chakras. 60 minutes $40.00 – $60.00
Consultation show services
Free ConsulationBook your free consultation here and let’s go over your concerns and treatment ideas together. 20 minutes $0.00