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Business: Gozan Corp.
340 S. Lemon Ave., #5219, Walnut, CA 91789
Staff: Tamara Muhammad

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Get StartedAre you interested in getting more information about being Work at Home Professional? Please schedule your one on one appointment so that we can discuss your goals, questions, and concerns. If you have received a WELCOME EMAIL, this is the option for you. We look forward to meeting you. 20 minutes $0.00+
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Final Steps InterviewHave you completed your required training? Have questions about salary and necessary documentation, ie. W9, I9, and Proof of Identity. If you have completed your required training and are ready to begin scheduling your work hours this is the option for you. Schedule your appointment here to discuss these pertinent matters in order to avoid delays in receiving your first PAYCHECK. We can not release your paycheck until the required forms have been submitted. 15 minutes $0.00+
Enhancement Coaching SessionDo you need help improving your call handling skills or metrics? Do you have questions about the client that you are servicing? Do you need marketing advice and support so that you can earn more money? Schedule an enhancement session and we will spend time practicing and improving your skills. We will also help you develop a strategy to increase your income even more! 30 minutes $0.00+
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Independent Business ConsultationAre you currently working from home and to begin hiring your own workers? Would you like assistance setting up your own corporation or independent business? Schedule a business support session. We will set up your business, get your tax ID number, and go over the steps to set up your own successful Virtual Customer Service Agency. 60 minutes $99.00+