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Business: AZ Center for Ancient Healing Arts
6834 E Culver st, Mesa, AZ 85207
Staff: Diana Gorbea

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Service Duration Price
First Time Session hide services
First time energy sessionFirst time energy healing session with Diana lasts between 90 to 120 minutes. Includes consultation and healing modality. 120 minutes $150.00-
Energy Healing show services
One hour energy healing sessionOne hour healing with Diana. 60 minutes $90.00 – $120.00
Long Distance Healing show services
Long Distance healing sessionLong distance healing session 45 minutes $50.00-
Akashic Reading show services
Akashic Records ReadingAkashic Records Reading done by Diana. One hour session. Can be done over the pone, skype or in person. 60 minutes $175.00-
Integrated Energy Healing show services
IET sessionIntegrated Energy Healing session. 60 minutes $120.00-
Integrated Energy Healing Advanced show services
Advanced SessionIntegrated Energy Healing Advanced session includes Advanced techniques and visualization methods. (90 minute session) 90 minutes $144.00-
Foot detox session show services
Foot detoxFoot detox 1 session 20 minutes $45.00-
Auriculotherapy show services
Auriculotherapy First SessionIncludes consultation and therapy 45 minutes $100.00-
Auriculotherapy continuous session show services
ContinuousAuriculotherapy continuous session 20 minutes $60.00-
Natural Health Consultation show services
Health and Diet consultationDiet and health consultation can be done over the phone, skye, email or in person. 60 minutes $150.00-
Mobile Massage Therapy show services
MassagePremiere Therapeutic Massage . Sessions are a full 60 or 90 minutes in the comfort of your home or hotel. We provide a table and draping, and music. Your massage is generally a Thai/Swedish/Deep Tissue mixed with other modalities customized to your needs. Make your call today to experience a younger more vibrant you. Travel time not included. 60 minutes $60.00 – $75.00
Therapeutic Bodywork/ Athletic performance show services
Sports bodyworkTherapeutic bodywork, recovery and regenerative. Designed for athletes and athletic Performance Our Therapeutic Bodywork Sessions are a great tool for athletic performance enhancement. But we have also adapted performance enhancing techniques, only accessible to professional and Olympic athletes, it works with injury prevention, training recovery, injury treatment, and competition therapeutics. It is something you must experience yourself, to understand it’s incredible performance enhancement power! Travel time not included. 60 minutes $60.00 – $75.00
Cupping show services
CuppingCupping session 30 minutes $45.00-
Life coaching session show services
One hour sessionSessions can be done over the phone, skype or in person 60 minutes $150.00-
Shiatsu show services
Japanese ShiatsuShiatsu acupressure uses merely the same points as acupuncture. The basic acupressure healing techniques are applied on the twelve body meridians. Along to these energy meridians are situated the acupressure points. The pressure on the points is made slowly and soft but deep. To apply shiatsu the client has to change his positions lying on the back, on his stomach and on the two sides. This gives to the therapist the possibility to workout each energetic point of the meridians. 60 minutes $60.00 – $90.00
Rock n rain show services
Therapeutic bodyworkNine therapeutic essential oils are delivered down the spine in the lakota-sioux rock n rain Technique, and then massaged in with warm basalt rocks followed by a full body massage. 60 minutes $90.00 – $120.00
Sports bodywork show services
Therapeutic massageFor athletes this is a slightly deeper treatment that uses more stretches and requires client participation for passive and resistive exercises. For comfort and cover, when doing stretches, please wear shorts that won’t bind or pull. 60 minutes $60.00 – $75.00
Pregnancy massage show services
BodyworkA relaxing massage especially for mothers-to-be by our specially trained and licensed pregnancy massage therapist. A body cushion or pregnancy pillow is available for your comfort. We require that all mothers-to-be are past their 1st trimester or have a doctor’s written release to have massage before their 2nd trimester. 60 minutes $90.00 – $120.00
Deep Tissue Massage show services
BodyworkFor those accustomed to receiving massage. You will receive a deeper muscle-specific massage that works on adhesions and knots that require more pressure. 60 minutes $60.00 – $75.00
Aroma Stone Massage show services
BodyworkBlissful head to toe massage with warm stones and essential oils. 60 minutes $60.00 – $75.00
Thai Massage show services
Thai MassageThai massage is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India. It made its way to Thailand, where the Ayurvedic techniques and principles gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, Thai massage was performed by monks as one component of Thai medicine. What does Thai massage feel like? Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than more classic forms of massage. Thai massage is also called Thai yoga massage, because the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Many people say Thai massage is like doing yoga without any work. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment. People describe Thai massage as both relaxing and energizing. What should I expect during my visit? Thai massage is usually done on a padded mat on the floor. No oil is applied, so you are fully dressed. You are usually asked to bring or wear comfortable clothing to the massage. A typical Thai massage is 60 minutes to two hours long. What conditions is Thai massage used for? Many people find that Thai massage has the following benefits: relaxes reduces stress improves circulation increases energy increases flexibility improves range of motion centers the mind and body Precautions Massage is not recommended for certain people: infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds immediately after surgery immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor prone to blood clots. There is a risk of blood clots being dislodged. If you have heart disease, check with your doctor before having a massage pregnant women should check with their doctor first if they are considering getting a massage. Massage in pregnant women should be done by massage therapists who are certified in pregnancy massage. massage should not be 60 minutes $60.00 – $75.00
Business blessing show services
Business blessing and CleansingBook Diana for a business cleaninsing and travelling. Price starts at $750 and up depending of square footage . Travelling expenses not included 180 minutes $750.00 – $1200.00
House Blessing show services
House Cleansing and blessingBook Diana for a three to four hour house cleansing and blessing. 180 minutes $450.00 – $550.00
Marriage ceremony show services
Marriage servicesIncludes a consultation in person or by telephone. It helps us get acquainted. We will discuss our ceremony outline to get started and listen to your ideas (and take copious notes) so everyone is comfortable. In fact, we can meet, call, text or fax as many times as necessary. $120 an hour Ceremony cost ranges between $500 and $2500 for two hours plus travel expenses and lodging if necessary. 60 minutes $120.00 – $2500.00
Private workshops/retreats show services
Five day private workshopsOne on one private workshops and retreats with Diana. Includes daily meditation session and initiation, healing therapy, auriculotherapy and beginning and advanced levels of Healing modalities. It is tailored to your needs and level. Workshop starts at 10 am and ends around 4 or 5 pm. Includes lunch, and manuals. Basic Five days start at $ 3800.00 Workshops are held in Mesa, AZ. Diana is available to travel. This fee does not include airfare/lodging. 35 hours $3800.00 – $5000.00