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Business: Colon Care Center
7923 Floyd, Overland Park, KS 66206
Staff: Rosie Matchette

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Special Promotions
Colonic Hydrotherapy Session 60 minutes $75.00
"free" far infrared Sauna with 1 Colon Therapy
Foot Detox 30 minutes $35.00+
Safe and effective way to detoxify thru the pores in your feet. Introducing high levels of ions into the bathwater creating positive celluar environment enabling the bodies natural detoxification process to function at its peak! Enjoy a detoxifying drink made from Whey:-)
Far Infrared Sauna with Color Therapy 60 minutes $20.00-
Allows the body to detoxify freely through the skin–rays penetrate deep inside your dermis allowing your body to detoxify–all the sweat/toxins.
Service Duration Price
MRS2000De-stress your body and possibly fall asleep–allow the "good" electro-magnetic field to benefit you. 24 minutes $15.00-
CBE CoachI would like to help you achieve good health through the principles of Body Ecology. 1 hour $50.00+
Reiki PlusRelaxing Reiki Plus session………. Relax and let go:-) 60 minutes $50.00+
Ear Candling 60 minutes $35.00