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Business: Illuminare Wellness
421 7th Avenue, #704, New York, NY 10001
Staff: Dr. Louis Abate

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Network Spinal AnalysisNetwork Spinal Analysis is a safe, gentle and efficacious approach to health and wellness for anyone regardless of age, or condition of health. Network Spinal Analysis teaches the brain and body how to connect and release stored stress and tension; transform the body’s stored tension that may appear as illness and disease into fuel to further the healing process; and to awaken to a greater sense of personal and interpersonal peace, safety, and ease. NSA uses very gentle touch contacts, applied at Spinal Gateways and certain contact points on the body, generally along the spine.  These gentle contacts help the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body. The light touch stimulates areas of ease within the body, allowing that ease to spread. The more that peace and ease spreads throughout the body the more your brain and body can work together. This will help to unlock the source of problems or concerns and allow transformation to occur. Network Spinal Analysis was first developed in the early 1980’s by Dr. Donald Epstein.  Network is utilized by thousands of practitioners around the world and has been studied in several major universities both in the United States and internationally for its dramatic and impressive health and wellness contributions. 30 minutes $75.00 – $90.00
SomatoRespiratory IntegrationSomato Respiratory Integration (or SRI) is a means of gaining the innate wisdom currently withheld from your body/mind due to stored stress and tension. Through the use of your own hands, focused breath and directed movement you will learn an unparalleled tool for personal healing and empowerment.

The purpose of SRI is to help you to heal more effectively through a greater connection with yourself and allow the innate healing ability of your body to move toward wisdom and balance. The SRI exercises may be performed during a network adjustment/entrainment session or as a separate application in the office.  The exercises are easy for anyone of any age and may be comfortably performed just about anywhere.  30 minutes $75.00 – $90.00
ReOrganizational CoachingAre you are feeling frustrated or unhappy with areas of your life, health, business or relationships? Or, are looking to deepen or enhance your experiences within certain areas of your life? Wouldn’t it be great to discover an approach that can help you easily transform your current situation? At Illuminare Wellness we can help you do just that. By utilizing the very latest application of Dr. Donald Epstein’s technologies we help you effectively make sustainable changes to enrich your life and improve your current situation. Utilizing innovative exercises and groundbreaking processes, you can change the elements that influence your behaviors, perceptions, structures and resources. This will allow you to create sustainable strategies and actions to reorganize and enhance your health, business, relationships, wellness and life. We specialize in Stress Reduction, Personal Motivation, Goal Achievement, Changing Unhealthy habits, Breaking through Mental and Emotional Barriers, Weight Loss and Dietary protocols, Finding and Fulfilling your True Life’s Purpose. 1 hour $125.00 – $250.00