Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is
    For businesses and organizations, Lattiss provides a web presence, plus an electronic calendar and appointment book for your Internet-savvy clients, allowing them to book an appointment. For consumers, Lattiss let you make an appointment with your service provider over the Internet. You can change your appointment at any time day or night (of course, subject to the business’ rules for changing appointments).
  2. How do I sign up?
    Registration is free. Simply click on the Sign Up as Member link near the top right of the page.
  3. How do I register my business (or organization)?
    Registration is free. Click on the Register Your Business button on the Lattiss home page.
  4. Do I need to install any special software?
    No. Lattiss is a cloud-based service. All you need is a supported web browser.
  5. Which web browsers do you support?
    We currently support Internet Explorer 7 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above, and Safari 3.1 and above.
  6. Can I access my calendar from different computers?
    Yes. Lattiss is a hosted service. You can access your calendar from any computer that has an Internet connection and a supported web browser.

  7. Will other people see my appointments?
    No. Only you and the service provider will be able to see your appointments. To everyone else, your appointment will appear as unavailable time (or available time depending on the number of clients the business can accommodate at the same time).
  8. I am a business owner. What about telephone or walk-in appointments?
    You can record the appointment in your Lattiss appointment book. Simply open up your business’ calendar and click on the start time. This will pop up a special page where you can record the appointment.
  9. I am a business owner with several employees. Can they each have their own calendars?
    Yes, if you sign up for the Premium Plan. Login as the owner and go to the staff page of your business. You will see an "Add New Staff" button. Each staff member has his/her own calendar. You also get an overview calendar where you can see all the appointments at a glance.
  10. I am a business owner. What is the difference between Lattiss and Google calendar?
    Google calendar is a fine personal calendar, but it is not a business appointment book. With Google calendar, you have to either make all your appointments private, let a list of gmail accounts view the appointments, or expose your customers’ appointments to the public. As a business, you want your customers to be able to view their own appointments, but not those of other customers. You cannot do this in Google calendar. Also, your customers will need gmail accounts in order to view your calendar. Lattiss lets your customers view and reschedule their own appointments, but they cannot view other customers’ appointments. Your customers do not need a Lattiss account in order to book an appointment with you.

  11. How do I access the Mobile Edition from my iPhone or Android phone?
    Simply point your mobile browser at The Mobile Edition is supported on iOS 4.0 and above and Android version 2.2 and above.
  12. The Mobile Edition does not work on my BlackBerry!
    Sorry, BlackBerrys are not supported because it’s built-in browser has too many issues with advanced web technologies.
  13. I keep getting "your previous session has expired" when I access the Mobile Edition using my iPhone.
    You do not have "Accept Cookies" turned on. It’s under Settings / Safari / Accept Cookies. You want to set it to either "From Visited" or "Always".
  14. I need to do something that is not supported on the Mobile Edition. What should I do?
    The Mobile Edition is designed to be used for the most common on-the-go tasks such as checking appointments. More complicated tasks are best handled using the regular web interface where you have a large screen area and a proper keyboard. However, you can access the regular web interface from your phone by pointing your mobile browser at You cannot access the regular web pages by going to from your iPhone or Android phone; you will be redirected back to the Mobile Edition.
  15. Why does your site feel slow with Firefox?
    The browser cache may have been accidentally turned off. We have observed a number of visitors using Firefox that have their browser cache turned off. Type about:config into the Firefox address box (where you normally enter web addresses), and scroll down to browser.cache.disk.enable and browser.cache.memory.enable. If the values are false, your browser cache is turned off. To turn it back on, double click on the entry to toggle its value to true.

  16. When I download my Appointment History Report and open it in Excel, non-English characters are garbled.
    The csv download is encoded in UTF-8 in order to accommodate a wide range of non-English characters. If you simply open a csv file, Excel assumes that characters in the file is in the computer’s default character encoding, which varies depending your country settings. To view the non-English characters, you need to save the downloaded report to a file, and then in Excel, select "Data / Import data / import data…" For "Files of Type", select Text Files. For "File Origin" select 65001 : Unicode (UTF-8). The file uses comma as a delimiter. Import into a fresh worksheet (importing into an existing worksheet will not work).