Appleton Animal Adoptions Inc.
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Menasha, WI 54952
United States
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Sat 10:00am 5:00pm
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Description:We are open by appointment only at this time
Pets can not go home until the application is approved.
Our Mission
To help place pets in loving homes that are already or would otherwise end up in overcrowded kill shelters.
Appleton Animal Adoptions Inc.
 We are firmly believe in a no kill nation and wish to set an example that each pet is unique and each deserves all of the training and love we can provide each and everyone of them regardless of their issues upon arrival. We also believe that the only way to find a FOREVER home is to spend time training our pets along with plenty of exercise and stimulation so in turn they will learn to be amazing members of our animal community. We are a community living rescue where our pets live in communities not cages. Our pets are allowed to lay on our furniture they sleep in our guest rooms at night. They eat together and play together. We believe that all animals need others to overcome the past. Each of our pets are socialized with each other whether it be Dogs Cats or Horses in social groups based on sex and age. Each pet is exposed to children of all ages as we have many families that visit on a regular basis as well as my own children daily. Each surrendered pet will goto their new home with all of the supplies they arrived with. In the event that the pet is transported from another shelter to our Adoption Center. They have many toys and blankets and beds to use while they are here. Every animal becomes a member of our family until they can be placed. They are trained and interacted with through out the day as I am on site to train, play with and care for them all day. As well as several volunteers and occasional visitors that just want to play with our pets. We then have a night manager that is also with them all night. They are never left alone. All pets in our program are temperment tested. Our adoption fee varies.
Service Duration Price
Adopt hide services
Pet VisitCome meet your potential pet. PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION PRIOR TO SCHEDULING YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you live a ways away you may want to wait until it is approved before driving out to the center. 1 hour $0.00 book now
Pet pick up and contract signingPick up your pet, sign the contract and pay your rehoming fee. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE THIS APPOINTMENT PRIOR TO HEARING THAT YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED. 1 hour $0.00 – $275.00 book now
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