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Description:xlash eyelash extensions

No more messy mascara, your lashes are ready for anything, anytime.
Shower, swim, workout…completely waterproof …

Eyelash Extensions

The application of the eyelash extensions includes applying one single, synthetic, natural looking lash extension to each one of your OWN individual lashes.
These new eyelashes are attached to the already existing ones using an adhesive and last almost for 2 months.
Life of the attachment and lashes may vary with the way one handles them. Longer duration of exposure to water or oil may reduce the lives of these lashes.

How will they feel and how will they look?

They will feel weightless and natural during the day and evening. Your lashes will look fuller, more defined, longer and thicker. You will no longer need to wear mascara.
How long will they last?

When properly applied, they will last the full cycle of your natural lash cycle. The life cycle of a natural lash is the amount of time it takes for a natural lash to grow in and fall out. A person's natural eyelash typically falls out every 60-90 days and is naturally replaced with a new eyelash. Due to this cycle, "eyelash fills" are recommended every 2-3 weeks, although can last up to 2 months, so as to fill in the areas where new lashes are growing in.
How is the procedure done?

You will lye in a relaxed position as each synthetic lash is adhered to your individual lashes. This process takes approximately 2 hours, depending upon the amount of synthetic lashes applied. Each treatment usually involves attaching approximately 25-30 lashes per eye.
Does it hurt?

No. You will rest comfortably with your eyes closed during the entire application. Most people even drift off to sleep…
What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

Needless to say, your lash line will look natural and simply gorgeous. No more mascara or eye makeup remover will be necessary, and no major after-care is required. The lashes will shed naturally along with your natural lash shedding cycle.
Will an eyelash enhancement keep me from engaging in normal activities?

It is very important to closely follow the After-Care Instructions immediately following your eyelash extension procedure. After the first 48 hours, you will be able to enjoy showering, swimming, exercising and other daily activities worry-free with no lifestyle change.
Is this the same type of procedure that Hollywood is raving about?

Yes. According to the ABC News, Good Morning America, dated January 2 I, 2006, it reports that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have them, and J. Lo's eyelash extensions are made of mink. Even more extreme, Madonna's lashes are $10,000.00 and are studded with diamonds. Lindsay Lohan, along with other stars, report using eyelash extensions to make their eyes stand out.
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PARTY TIME – 30 lashes/eye = 60 lashes 60 minutes $90.00 book now
WHERE IT STARTS – 40 lashes/eye = 80 lashes 60 minutes $120.00 book now
WHERE IT STARTS 2 – 50 lashes/eye = 100 lashes 60 minutes $150.00 book now
GLAM LOOK – 60 lashes/eye = 120 lashes 60 minutes $180.00 book now
BRIDAL – 80 lashes/eye = 160 lashes 75 minutes $240.00 book now
KIM KARDASHIAN – 120 lashes/eye = 240 lashes 120 minutes $360.00 book now
RELASH$1.50/lash $1.50 book now
UPGRADES$1.50/lash $1.50 book now
LASH REMOVAL BY OTHERS 30 minutes $50.00 book now
LASH REMOVAL BY XLASH 30 minutes $25.00 book now
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