Linda Redmond
West Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Tue 3:00pm 8:00pm
Thu 3:00pm 8:00pm
Fri 10:00am 8:00pm
Sat 3:00pm 8:00pm
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THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE & BODYWORK… effective, professional, transforming
and tailored… in a basic, comfortable and relaxing environment, to greatly
increase your quality of living.

Bring your stress, fatigue, muscular tension and injuries, and see results… I
won't let you leave the same way you came in! Enhance your daily life,
comfort, performance, sleep, relationships… think more clearly and make
better memories with family and friends when you're not tense and stressed.

                              Linda Redmond, LMBT NC#4935
                                          Lead Therapist


NOTE: If this is your first appt ever or in over four months with me, please
schedule only by phone, and not online. Also, please do not arrive to my
office with any current or recent illness or condition of any type whatsoever
which we have not previously discussed, or you may not be given a massage
on your appt day.

Feel free to call to discuss other times outside my posted hours as
needed, with 3-4 full days advance notice, and I will oblige as best I can
around my other schedules.

Please remain aware that I work multiple jobs, and am offering as many appt
opportunities and being as flexible as I possibly can, in order to earn your
business to the best benefit of both of us :) Hours can change based on my other schedules, and changes in my availability will be reflected here.

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Special Pricing for Regular VisitsFor committing and sticking faithfully to at least one visit per calendar month throughout most of the year: ` Relaxation Integrative pricing drops to $35 for 60 mins, $50 for 90 mins, and $70 for 120 mins. Deep Tissue Add-On pricing drops to $10 per session. (For those needing monthly Therapeutic Bodywork sessions, a customized discount can be discussed based around what treatment modalities you require during your sessions.) If you are certain you can come this often, sign up for a Relaxation Integrative session and include a "note" when you make your appt, and we will track your appointments and start your discounts right away. This interval of treatments provides the very best results and affordability! $35.00 – $80.00 book now
Relaxation IntegrativeRelaxation massage with flowing and effective movements, combining several massage modalities, with an eye toward providing lasting results. Light to medium-heavy pressure, as you request. Effective for everyday stress or chronic stiffness, soreness, and fatigue, as well as for insomnia and even depression. 60 minutes $50.00 book now
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Relaxation IntegrativeSee description above. 90 minutes $70.00 book now
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Relaxation IntegrativeSee description above. 120 minutes $90.00 book now
Therapeutic BodyworkOrthopedic, Positional Release, Myofascial and other advanced therapies, tailored to your specific needs during the session. Particularly helpful for past or recent injury, repetitive motion issues, range of motion restriction, chronic or stubborn tension. While I do not "hurt to help", as I’m trained to provide gentle-deep therapy, this session may not be entirely "relaxing", but can include some Relaxation Work at no extra charge if you so request. These sessions do not automatically include Deep Tissue Work, as that is not necessary or always even advisable for the ideal treatment of chronic or severe issues (see Deep Tissue Add-On if needed). Includes 60 mins of hands-on treatment and 15 mins of discussion before or during your session to address your specific needs. 75 minutes $70.00 book now
Therapeutic BodyworkSee description above. 110 minutes $100.00 book now
Add-On: Deep Tissue WorkDeep Tissue work added into any massage session (duration of massage does not change). Simply include a "note" to request this Add-On when you schedule your session (as choosing or clicking this entry will not schedule you an actual session). $20.00 book now
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