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9 Railroad Ave.
Chatham, NY 12037
United States
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Description:I invite you to discover the benefits of body work and wellness for WOMEN 50+. A soothing massage – it’s so much more than a temporary escape. A time to discuss and learn alternative ways to increase your wellness and find your life force again. It is an opportunity to exhale deeply, to relax completely, to begin to really feel who you are and what you want and need in this most special time in your life. This time is for YOU! Let me help you create the person who you are and regain the passion you are looking for!

    Experience Quality Massage and Wellness
    Experience 100% Pure, High Quality, Essential Oils
    Experience Relaxation and Rejuvenation

I strive to provide the best customized therapeutic massage for relaxation and/or relief of pain and individual issues common to Women 50+. Along with various massage approaches and techniques, which are tailored to your individual needs, you will be immersed in a tranquil environment for full relaxation…a fully-padded, warmed table, 100% pure essential oils suited to your needs, organic massage creams, and soothing music. Enjoy the comforting, calming, and nurturing touch…a total approach to excellence in therapeutic massage and wellness…tailored for the 50+ Woman!

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9 Railroad Ave. Chatham, NY
48 Hudson Ave, Delmar, NY
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Healthy Aging Massage for Women 50+Healthy Aging Massage and Wellness for Women 50+ A wonderfully light touch, relaxing massage using light Swedish strokes to enhance the well-being of Women 50+, addressing any personal age-related issues. This massage promotes deep relaxation, healthy circulation, and detoxification to enhance one’s well being. The massage includes the total body along with 1 select Young Living Essential Oil. Suitable for women who don’t want deep pressure, or uncomfortable techniques used on them. A time just for you that will leave you refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Price $70 ($15.00 extra for additional wellness consultation). 70 minutes $70.00+ book now
Healthy Aging Massage for Women 50+see description for Healthy Aging Massage for Women 50+ 30 minutes $40.00+ book now
Healthy Aging Massage for Women 50+see description for Healthy Aging Massage for Women 50+ 90 minutes $105.00+ book now
Raindrop TechniqueRaindrop Technique® is a powerful technique using Young Living’s essential oils. It combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex (an ancient Tibetan healing methodology) and massage. The oils are applied to the feet and then dispensed like little drops of rain, from a height of about six inches above the back. They are then lightly stroked into the muscles on each side of the receiver’s spine. The Raindrop Technique takes approximately 1 hour to complete and adding on the additional massage is approximately a total 1.25 hour. The Raindrop Technique® provides a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing experience with additional natural benefits from use of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. It also helps to align and clear energy centers in the body without using excessive pressure. The oils will continue to work in the body for 5 to 7 days bringing harmony to the body physically, mentally & emotionally. A healthy body is the result of a well-rounded program of proper diet and exercise. Health is everything we do, say, hear, see and eat. Raindrop Therapy is only one tool to help restore a balance in the body resulting in good health; it’s perfect for easing emotional changes & rejuvenating a fatigued mind. Raindrop Technique: $95 Raindrop Technique with massage: $120 75 minutes $95.00 – $120.00 book now
Young Living Essential Oil MassageEssential oils, known as nature’s living energy, are the natural, aromatic liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. While essential oils often have a pleasant aroma, their chemical makeup is complex and their benefits vast—which make them much more than something that simply smells good. This nurturing, relaxing massage, using choice Young Living Essential Oils, is individualized and takes about 80 minutes for the consultation to go over your best choice of selected essential oils and the heavenly massage. Price $85 80 minutes $85.00+ book now
Ayurvedic MassageDerived from an ancient East Indian tradition, these treatments are designed to help loosen toxins in the body and release the excesses. The goal of all the treatments is to restore balance and re-establish calm and harmony. They are deeply cleansing and purifying to the mind, body, and soul. A personal Ayurvedic consult is done before the massage and special herbalized oils are selected which target your individual imbalances. This treatment focuses on opening and balancing energy flow according to the East Indian energy system. Marma points, similar to acupressure points, are stimulated with herbal oils using circular motions. You will feel refreshed and energized after this session. This consultation and massage takes about 80 minutes in which we select the oils that will be personally beneficial for you and then proceed to the healing massage. Price $85 80 minutes $85.00+ book now
Foot DeluxeA rejuvenating and nurturing treatment that uses healing touch and natural botanicals to help improve the condition of your feet. First, an exfoliating peppermint essential oil salt or sugar scrub to smooth, soften, and relax. Followed by a warm foot bath with essential oils combined with a very special “Ancient Minerals”* magnesium salt. A mud masque is then applied to your feet and after that your feet are wrapped in nice warm towels. Next, a moisturizing peppermint essential oil butter cream, to soothe, hydrate, and revitalize your feet for days. Last but not least, a massage to those acupressure points with a drop of essential oil and coconut oil to complete this luxurious and therapeutic treatment.This experience leaves your tired feet, calves, and lower legs looking and feeling their best! Price $55 45 minutes $55.00+ book now
CoreStone MassageCoreStones® are made from soapstone, nature’s most efficient thermal conductor. This allows them to retain heat and cold longer and more uniformly than other stones. The broad flat surface is ideal for myofascial release. Turned on end, CoreStones® can be used as a trigger point tool. A CoreStones® massage promotes circulation and relaxation of all tense muscles. It aids in lessening pain and provides a deeply relaxing experience for clients. This service takes about 1.5 hours for the consultation and massage. Price $110 90 minutes $110.00+ book now
28 Minute Back SupremeNot much time? Been working all week? Need that special touch to relieve your aching tired muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders? Don’t despair. This is a therapeutic back massage that is only 28 minutes and you only have to take your shirt off. given on top of the sheet on your stomach. Quick and efficient for wanting to just feel better! Price $28 28 minutes $28.00+ book now
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Essential Oil ConsultationIndividual Essential Oil Consultation: find out what oils will work for you and your individual issues. Discuss Essential Oils for Women 50+. Come and learn more. Talk to me about a gathering at your home with your friends or at your business or organization. Essential Oils will change your life in so many ways. Start to learn what they are all about. 45 minutes $0.00 – $25.00 book now
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