Dr. Jessica Dorland
Located at The Historic Y
300 E. University #142
Tucson, AZ 85705
United States
Tue 9:30am 7:00pm
Wed 9:30am 7:00pm
Thu 9:30am 7:00pm
Fri 9:30am 2:30pm
Sat 9:30am 3:30pm
Payment Types:Cash
Description:As a therapist I work OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Your initial session is short, designed to fill out necessary paperwork, get some background on what you need, and make a plan. I do conventional sessions with individuals, couples, families, teens, and kids, however often times your initial session may be your only session with me… other times we may set up a plan for long-term management of behavior… every situation is different, and every situation needs to be looked at in that way. On average, I see patients 5 times before they feel like the situation has resolved (of course this varies, sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less).

I also work on another level with kids who are experiencing significant behavior problems at home and in school. If we decide this is the avenue your family needs I will work as an advocate, consultant, and therapist- in an integrated fashion- meeting the needs of your child with home interventions, working with school personnel, providing recommendations for medical and behavioral interventions, and assisting your child’s doctors in finding the best medications- if they are required. I am able to do this because of my training as a Doctor of Behavioral Health with in depth coursework on psychopharmacology, pathophysiology, and neuropsychology.

If this is your first session, please make an appointment for an initial session. From there we will find the best course of action for you.

All services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on need. A fee will be assessed at intake.

**Dr. Dorland is an independent contractor with Pathways Counseling Services where she receives supervision for her license**
Service Duration Price
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Initial ConsultationIn this initial session we will discuss how we can work together. 45 minutes $40.00+ book now
Half- SessionThis is for established patients who have determined that shorter sessions will work better. 30 minutes $50.00 – $100.00 book now
Full SessionsThis is for established patients who have determined that hour-long sessions will work best. Any session requiring work with the court systems will be charged at full rate. 1 hour $50.00 – $200.00 book now
Initial Behavioral AssessmentThie is for established patients who require a full behavioral assessment as part of their treatment plan 90 minutes $100.00 – $200.00 book now
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