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VSA Baseball private lessons is an opportunity to get one on one instruction for Pitching, Fielding, Catching, Long Toss, and Hitting. Having one on one instruction is an essential part of developing into a better baseball player. Through private instruction the baseball player has a greater opportuninty to understand the important aspects of baseball. Private instruction can dramatically change a player from a below average player to an above average player. The sole purpose of private instruction is to maximize the players maximum potential.

All private lessons need to have the location verified by email after the lesson is booked. I suggest that the lessons are booked at the beginning of the week or one week in advance, before the times fill up. First come first served. If you ask to have a recurring lesson every week that time will be saved for you.
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Intermediate Pitching LessonThis private instruction is for players that would like to learn the introduction to basic mechanics. Also this is a good idea if you are just looking to throw a bullpen and maintain your pitching and mental mechanics throughout the season. 30 minutes $50.00- book now
Advanced Pitching LessonWill focus on developing the mental aspect of the game as well as gaing the maximum amount of velocity the piayer can reach. Also a good idea if the player would like to work on the basic mechanics for a longer amount of time and still throw a bullpen. 1 hour $80.00- book now
Intermediate Hitting LessonThis is a lesson that is good for maintaining a swing during a season. Also a good lesson for a player that is beginning to play the game and would like learn how to develop a basic swing. Sometimes a player already has a good swing and needs to keep that good swing, this is a lesson that can be used keep the progress that has been made. 30 minutes $50.00- book now
Advanced Hitting LessonThe main focus will be on developing the approach at the plate. Many hitters already have a good swing, but still have trouble at the plate. Developing a approach will change a hitters performance in a game dramatically. 1 hour $80.00- book now
Catcher LessonA lesson for players that are just starting to learn how to catch and need to develop the basic fundamentals of catching. Also a lesson for players that have experience in catching that would like to maintain their progress. 30 minutes $50.00- book now
Advanced Catcher LessonWill focus on how to handle each pitcher individually, as well as improving, times down to second, blocking, footwork, receiving, and leg strength. 1 hour $80.00- book now
Defensive LessonThis lesson is available for infielders, pitchers, and outfielders. Focus is on footwork when fielding a ground ball or a bunt. Also the focus is on gaining more ground when catching a flyball. 30 minutes $50.00- book now
Long Toss ProgramThis program is only available during the summer and late December and early January. This is a 4 week program that is 3 days a week and 1 hour a day. Main goal is to improve quick twitch muscles and gain arm strength to improve velocity. Along with improving velocity, learning how to strech properly to reduce chance of injury will be taught. Also a running program is used as well. If there is a minimum of 5 players that sign up for the program then the price will be cut to 150.00$ per player. If there is a minimum of 15 players the cost per player is 125.00. If there is a minimum of 20 players the price is 100$ per player. If there is more then 20 players the price will stay at 100.00$. The dates will be released one month before the program starts. 1 hour $100.00 – $200.00 book now
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