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Categories:Academic Specialty Schools, Alternative Medicine, Counseling, Senior Services, Tutoring
Description:A caring, highly experienced provider with an holistic approach to
coaching and counseling for
 Couples: Relationship concerns, premarital communication training, marriage
Individuals: Coaching to get out of the rut, over the loss and on to your life's
 Children/Teens: ADHD and school performance issues, peer problems & anger
Peak Performance training: Learning & focus enhancement for sports
performance, work productivity, and goal attainment
 Test anxiety reduction & test score improvement: from middle school through bar
review, CPA exams, etc.)

Brain biofeedback (Neurofeedback) & Behavioral nutrition for:
 ADHD, Learning, Concentration & Memory problems
 Sleep disorders

You must confirm with us before coming in. If there are no open appointment
times shown on the calendar, for neurofeedback or ADHD evaluations, please
send an email and specify your needs.
Note: For learning and performance problems, don't wait until the course or exam
has been failed. Find out specifically what the problem is with a neurofeedback
Service Duration Price
Counseling or Coaching hide services
Individual, Couples or FamilyBe sure to speak with us to clarify your interests, & goals before coming in. We will also need to clarify payment details and provide office directions. 800-203-6029 45 minutes $100.00 – $130.00 book now
Individual, Couples or Family sessionWe are looking forward to your visit. Please be sure to speak with us before coming in: 800-203-6029. We will need to clarify payment details & office location. We would also like to know your specific concerns so that your visit is prepared for. Special arrangements can be made for Saturday appointments. 60 minutes $130.00 – $150.00 book now
Clinical hypnosis for smoking, weight control, anxiety & phobias show services
Replace unconscious thoughts with effective suggestionsClinical hypnosis is an evidence-based method of teaching you to direct your mind to make changes in the way your body handles fear, anger, cravings & pain. It is useful for a great variety of problems including insomnia, smoking, weight loss, hypertension, stress management, migraines, pain management and other disabling problems. They are replaced with calm, peaceful optimism. Most people are amazed at how easy it is for them and how deeply relaxed they feel in just the first hypnosis session. 1 hour $60.00 – $120.00 book now
Biofeedback, neurofeedback, coaching show services
Individual sessionThese 30 minute appointments can be made for hypnosis and biofeedback appointments after initial evaluations are done. Some individual coaching can be handled in short sessions. Please be sure to speak with us before coming in: 800-203-6029. 30 minutes $65.00 – $75.00 book now
Biofeedback, Neurofeedback for ADD, Migraines, Sleep & Hypertens show services
Neurofeedback EvaluationAfter an initial information session in which we gather history, complete several questionnaires & discuss your concerns, an EEG will be performed. The data from the EEG will be analyzed along with all of your information to provide a profile of your brain wave frequency pattern. In the subsequent meeting, this information will be discussed and brain training recommendations will be provided along with suggestions regarding performance improvement. This fee covers the EEG session & the following session. 2 hours $495.00+ book now
Groups show services
Survival classes for couplesWould you feel better if you knew that as far as most men are concerned, all women speak Confusese? Would you be less frustrated if you heard that most men don’t want to do the planning if they have to take their wives out? Besides being pretty hilarious, couples groups are real eye openers that help men feel redeemed and help women sigh a common sigh of relief. By identifying where "normalcy" begins and ends with the opposite sex, you can clear the field so that you can enter private couples’ sessions with a focus on the core issues. This is a six session model and members sign a confidentiality agreement. Selected evenings at 7 pm in Maryland. Email us to be included in this group. 90 minutes $50.00 – $75.00 book now
Too Little Motivation, Too Much Drama – Is it ADD?Fussing, cussing & bribing can’t change brain function. Learn to recognize the indicators of ADD. Understand some of the natural causes for it and natural solutions available to remedy it. You will learn the 5 most common choices that worsen a child’s ability to succeed with ADD. The pros and cons of medication will be discussed. Information from thirty years of research is provided as well as a brief video presentation on the successful effects of neurofeedback. There is a brief question and answer segment. The fee holds your place in limited seating & is credited against any later services. Occasional Saturdays in Maryland. 800-203-6029 to register. 60 minutes $25.00 book now
Parent support groupThis is a structured group for parents dealing with behavior & motivation problems with their children. Members are asked to commit to six consecutive sessions which will cover rating your child’s behaviors, strategic planning for their success, effects of misbehavior on the family unit, limit setting and effective responses. This group begins when we have a sufficient number of enrollees. 1st Saturdays in Maryland. Send us an email to register for this group. 60 minutes $50.00 book now
Classes show services
How to Set Limits That Make a Difference in Your Child’s LifeThis class meets three times and focuses on providing parents with support that helps them realign with age old values that helped us grow up strong. We discuss the essential questions that you must ask yourself about your role as parent. The, perhaps, life saving questions that you want your child to ask themselves in their decision making. This class helps form those questions and track their outcome. Better safe than sorry. Better now than later. Day & time to be arranged based on enrollee needs. Email us to register. 60 minutes $45.00 book now
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