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Description:**** Welcome to Mountain View Facial Beauty ****

We offer quality facial and body beauty treatments in downtown Mountain View.
Our beauty experts are fully licensed estheticians, and we use SOTHYS Paris

Our services include:

Facial Treatments
Body Treatments
Paraffin Treatments
Body Cellulite Treatments
Acne Skin Care
Weight Control

Herbal Body Wrap - Detox and Lose 4-14 inches in 60 minutes, Guaranteed.

New Customer Special : 20% off on your first treatment (mention this coupon)

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*******New Special******Oxygen Microdermabrasion(buy 6 get one free) Treatment removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh new skin! It will make fine lines disappear and topical scars and spots fade. Combined with 99% pure oxygen, your damage skin will be healed and looking beautifully radiant! (This treatment also works well when combined with the IPL PhotoFacial.) 90 minutes $250.00+ book now
LACTIC PEEL (乳酸去皮)Offers exfoliating and moisture retention properties and will promote softer, smoother skin as well as improvement in the appearance of fine lines. ( Free Consultation ) 60 minutes $99.00+ book now
Anti Aging Photo Facial 脉冲光美容IPL in an intense broadband light to smooth the skin, remove age spots, freckles and visible blood vessels. IPL may tighten skin and improve fine lines. You will notice improved skin texture, decreased redness, more even color, and youthful skin tone. Recommended 6 sessions in 3 week timeframe. 脈衝光是經由皮膚內的黑色素與含氧 血紅素吸收後,所產生的熱能刺激真皮層膠原蛋白與彈力纖維的新生,達到減少皺紋、 收縮皮膚淺表的微血管、淡化色素斑點的效果,進而達到緊緻皮膚的回春效果,使肌膚 看起來更年輕、更白淨。治疗毛孔粗大、痘疤、细纹,紧实肌肤,淡化斑点,使皮肤透 亮有光泽。 40 minutes $150.00 – $200.00 book now
ThermalCool Face lifting TreamtmentFACE LIFTING. Facelift. Skinlift around eyes. Tighten neck skin. Improve drooping and slack nose wrinkle. Firm forehead skin and lessen wrinkle. can tighten and lift skin,shape face,remove wrinkle,rehab gravidity wrinkle.Rejuvenated skin for whole body etc… WEIGHT LOSS. (Free Consultation) 60 minutes $169.00 – $200.00 book now
Facial 美容护理 show services
Aromatherapy Facial 天然香薰舒缓面部护理A luxurious facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and rehydrate the skin within a stress- relieving aroma-therapeutic experience. Provides circulatory improvements while toning and firming the skin. 60 minutes $95.00+ book now
Glycolic Facial & Eye Contour Treatment 果酸美容与特效眼部紧肤护理Buy one get Eye Contour Treatment Free Gently exfoliation to loosen the bounds that hold the cells together. You will notice an improvement in the fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin tone. This treatment will make your face glow. 60 minutes $80.00 book now
Deep Cleansing Facial 深层清洁护理Deep pore cleansing, steaming, enzyme exfoliation, extractions and soothing masque. This treatment is perfect for the first time client as well as seasoned facial devotees. Our esthetician will analyze your skin, exfoliate under steam, and apply a treatment to revitalize your tired skin. A face, neck,and shoulder, amassage will force you to relax and enjoy restoring your skin. " See End of the Monthly Special Ad for Details ! " 70 minutes $120.00 book now
Nourshing Facial 滋润保湿护理Special treatment to sooth, strength and hydrate sensitive and dry skin. This treatment is packed with antioxidents to bring you increased skin suppleness, and a radiant healthy complexion. 一个可以特别镇静, 增强和滋润敏感与乾性肌肤的护理。使用抗氧化原料来增进肌肤的弹 性,光泽与健康。 50 minutes $75.00+ book now
Anti-Aging Facial 抗老化治疗A soothing anti-aging treatment designed to counter the skin damaging effects of free-radicals that are abundant in urban and polluted environments, and are created by stress and sun exposure using potent anti-oxidants Vitamin C and green tea extracts. 一个舒缓专为抗老化的美容,能机活皮肤的深层分子,有效治疗因日晒和环境污染而造成的皮肤损伤。用维他命C和绿茶有力的还原您的肌肤效果。一个是针对美国环境的护理。 60 minutes $90.00 book now
Acne Facial 青春痘特别护理Sothys Absorbant Mask Facial Treatment is used to control blemishes and tighten the pores. This mask acts to absorb excess sebum, but does not dry out the skin. After removing the mask, you will notice the skin fairer, cleaner, matt and healthier. It is also ideal for getting rid of newly formed pimples Cleansing and conditioning facial designed for problematic skin. "GUARANTEED IMPROVE SKIN CONDITION" Sothys 吸收面膜适用於控制发炎和收仅毛孔。面膜会吸收多馀分泌的油脂而不过渡乾化皮肤。敷用后您会发现皮肤白亮,乾净而健康。此疗程适用於刚形成的青春痘,清洁与保护有问题的皮肤。保证改善皮肤状况。 60 minutes $95.00 book now
Men’s Deluxe Facial 男性皮肤护理 (Special buy 2 get 1 free)A highly relaxing treatment designed to soothe and heal sensitive skin, minimize the effects of razor irritation and leave your skin clear, smooth and glowing with vitality. 一个高度放松的治疗,能有效的治愈和修复敏感肌肤。降低面部的敏感程度,还您一个清 爽,平滑,充满活力的肌肤。 60 minutes $85.00+ book now
Oxylance Institute Treatment 60 minutes $115.00 book now
Mini FacialMini 45 minute facial includes cleaning, exfoliation, face and shoulder massage, and a rejuvenating mask. Perfect way to take a little break in your busy schedule! 45 minutes $45.00 book now
Anti-Aging 抗老化 show services
Microdermabrasion 钻石特效磨皮A skin re-freshening technique that helps repair facial skin texture, scarring, uneven pigmentation, and age spots. 拥有特效而柔和,微粒子技术的磨皮技术。 能帮助您除去皱纹和脸上的色斑,大约二十到三十分钟磨皮後能有效帮助消除疤痕,被修复后的皮肤显而易见。 90 minutes $125.00 book now
Waxing 涂蜡脱毛 show services
Waxing – Face 脸部涂蜡脱毛 60 minutes $45.00 book now
Waxing – Eyebrow Design 涂蜡修眉设计 30 minutes $45.00 book now
Waxing – Eyebrow Maintenance 涂蜡修眉维护 15 minutes $15.00 book now
Waxing – Eyebrow & Lips 涂蜡修眉唇 30 minutes $35.00 book now
Waxing – Chin or Lips 涂蜡下巴或唇部脱毛 15 minutes $20.00 book now
Waxing – Legs & Bikini 涂蜡腿部比基尼脱毛 45 minutes $80.00 book now
Waxing – Underarm 涂蜡腋下脱毛 30 minutes $25.00 book now
Waxing – Brazilian 巴西打蜡脱毛 60 minutes $59.00 book now
Manicure and Pedicure 修甲 show services
Paraffin Treatment – Hands and feet 手脚修甲巴拿芬蜜蜡护理 45 minutes $55.00 book now
Paraffin Treatment – Hands 手部修甲巴拿芬蜜蜡护理 30 minutes $25.00 book now
Body Care 身体护理 show services
Herbal Body Wrap 草药体膜Detox and Lose 4-14 inches in 60 minutes, Guaranteed. 排毒减重,保证减 4-14寸。 60 minutes $120.00 book now
Pain relief show services
Deep tissue massageSpecial Shoulder and headache pain relief, Deep tissue massage can reduce deep Tissue pain and stiffness. 60 minutes $95.00+ book now
Massage 按摩 show services
Relaxation Massage 身心放松按摩Full body massage to relieve stress and muscle tension. 全身身心放松按摩,减轻压力与肌肉紧张。 60 minutes $70.00+ book now
General Skin Care 一般皮肤护理 show services
Wart and mole removal 除痣Single application. No surgery needed. No side effects. 60 minutes book now
For the Newest Advertised Specials !!! show services
Make a General Online Appt. Here !!!Make a general online appt. here !!! If you require additional information for your serivce or appointment questions. Please Call 650-919-3846. 60 minutes $0.00+ book now
Foot Bath Therapy 脚部护理 show services
Ion Detoxify Foot Therapy 脚部负离子排毒水疗Ion Detoxify Foot Bath Therapy ….Before $45.00. . . Now $35.00 Ion cleansers are out to make your live a bit more pleasurable. Ion Detoxify Foot Bath Therapy promots its ion cleanse foot baths as a way to feel lighter, and to experience a greater feeling of well being. The foot baths use ion cleanse in combination with a healthy, low stress lifestyle, to maintain high energy levels. The detoxification works well, for people experiencing pain, edema, and swollen and deteriorating joint. The baths work best over a 6 session regimen, changing toxic buildup by reversing them through whole body detoxification. Ions travel through the body quickly, attaching themselves to toxic substances. Customers can see readily the various toxins being removed from their systems. 30 minutes $35.00 book now
Weight Loss Treatment 瘦身护理 show services
Weight Loss Treatment 瘦身护理Weight Loss Treatment 瘦身护理 60 minutes $85.00 book now
Special show services
Permanent Hair Removal (First Session)***** GET READY FOR SUMMER ***** Try our new permanent hair removal therapy for $100 (regular price $130) for one of the following areas: face, under arm, half leg (upper or lower), half arm (upper or lower). Buy a package of 3 treatments for $300 (regular price $390). You will see a significant difference after 3 treatments. 30 minutes $100.00 book now
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