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Sacred AcupunctureSacred Acupuncture is my version of acupuncture. As a patient I think you will find this type of acupuncture can do anything that acupuncture is well known for – it can relieve pain, improve energy, turn around many chronic disease patterns. In addition to this, in the process of healing the physical, Sacred Acupuncture can provide healing for the emotional and Mental components of our nature. As a patient in a Sacred Acupuncture treatment you can learn a lot about yourself, and this normally shows you how to stay healthy.In the treatment we will talk for a while, then I will take the pulses and perform a Medical Qigong assessment. Now I can understand the illness or problem in your body from the Sacred Acupuncture perspective. I will tell you what I am finding and we will perform the acupuncture treatment. During this treatment you lie on a comfortable treatment table. Ultra-thin, sterilized acupuncture needles are inserted into safe points on your body. This is often a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience. During the treatment we will talk for a while and I might ask you to breath in a certain way or focus your awareness on something. After some time we will have accomplished a healing and I will let you rest with the needles in for a while. Most people fall asleep or get very relaxed or energized in this section. I, or an assistant, will take the needles out, and when you come out of the treatment room we will run through any herbal treatment options, dietary changes or Qigong and Shengong exercises to do. The herbs are very safe and very healing. They come in the form of pills or capsules or teas. You will be shown any Qigong exercises specific to your condition. Do you want to recover? Then take the herbs, do the Qigong exercises and come to your acupuncture appointments – and you will get improvement! 30 minutes $88.00+ book now
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New Patient Appointmentsame as Sacred Acupuncture session, but longer to accomodate history taking and getting to know each other 1 hour $125.00+ book now
Sacred Acupuncture extended sessionSame as Sacred Acupuncture session but with more focus on Qigong and Shengong treatment 1 hour $115.00+ book now
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