Sandi Technician
Sandi is no longer a Trainee. She has proven to be a very quick learner. Her skills have come up quickly and she is doing some great work. She can now do many things and the quality, and speed, of her work are increasing all the time, She loves the nails, wants to be able to do "AweSome" nails and loves to make people happy. All she needs is some …
Vinnie Nail Technician
Vinnie is a very close, long time, friend of V. They have worked together at various times and both share the same passion, and dedication, to always improving their skills in Nails. V is excited to welcome Vinnie back into her business because she knows that Vinnie is one of the best Nail Technicians anywhere.
Dat Technician
Dat is my Son. I hope he can love Nails like I do. So far he is doing good. Many girls love his manicures and Pedicures. His infills are great and his nail art is improving all the time. Try him and see what you think.
Danika Nail Technician
Danika worked with V when V first started working in Australia. Danika is highly skilled and V is familiar with her abilities. It is for this reason that V had no hesitation in welcoming Danika to V’s AweSome Nails. Since her arrival here she has continued to blossom, both professionally and personally, and has become an invaluable part of our fami…
V Bullock
V Bullock Owner
Hope Technician/Receptionist
Hope is the latest addition to our family and she has fitted in very easily. She is splitting her time between Reception and Nails and we have been impressed with just how easily she has adjusted to both. She learns very fast, has a lovely personality and is showing enormous promise. We have high hopes for Hope. She is proving very competent with …
Nicola Trainee