3026-A W Cary St, Carytown
Richmond, VA 23221
United States
Robby Certified Massage Therapist
Light to Medium Pressure If you want a holistic massage experience then Robby is the therapist for you! Robby is very intuitive and energetically attuned and she excels at delivering a nurturing massage geared toward enhancing your optimal well-being. Blending structural, relaxation, and energetic techniques, Robby has a flowing style that will …
James Certified Massage Therapist
Light to Deep Pressure (Can achieve the firmest pressure of any of us) If you want someone to melt away your stress and leave you feeling revitalized, James is the therapist for you! James focuses his practice on a blend of Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage and can deliver an integrated rejuvenating session. He uses a flowing series of gliding,…
Kristina Certified Massage Therapist
Light to Deep Pressure If you have tough problem areas, Kristina is the therapist for you! Kristina focuses her practice on Therapeutic Massage and can devote the full session to a specific target area. She will slowly move through your muscles to find and hold your knots, stretch out tight muscles, and release restricted tissues. Depending on …
Couple’s Massage Couple’s Massage
Receive massage side-by-side from two of our Therapists. Your sessions will be tailored to your individual needs. If you don’t see your preferred times available please call or e-mail, we may have something open up.